Side-scrolling/Scroll Target

I’m using a Wacom tablet in Cubase but this would apply to anyone using a touchpad:

When doing horizontal scrolling (i.e. two finger scrolling going sideways, NOT using shift) The entire workspace scrolls left/right (or not at all if there’s no overall scrollbar) yet when vertical scrolling with two fingers the scroll applies to whichever window is currently active. So when doing multi-directional scrolling with two fingers in the project window it’ll scroll up and down just fine but won’t budge horizontally at all.

Is there any way to make Cubase send horizontal scrolls to the active window instead of to the workspace, because at the moment it’s incredibly counter intuitive (Shift + scroll is not really a solution) and just not much use at all.


Forgive me for bumping this thread but it seems such an obvious issue I’m amazed no-one’s encountered it before?

I fear this behaviour is tied to the OS—just from the difference I’ve seen in using Windows and Mac.

That being said, Cubase has always had a rather bizarre multi-window interface going on—perhaps a change to that would fix this. I’d love this feature to exist!


Yes I’ve noticed Sibelius has the exact same problem in Windows, but then side scrolling works just fine in Word/Chrome/any other non-audio program.