Side Scrolling + Suspend Auto Scroll Broken

I humbly propose this simple change for the next update. I’m working in Cubase 6.

When you have “Suspend Auto Scroll when Editing” checked on the toolbar, and you use the mouse to grab the horizontal scroll bar and move left or right, the function works as described. However - if you hold shift and scroll with the mouse wheel, which is an easier and faster way to scroll horizontally, the “Suspend Auto Scroll…” function does not work - you are pushed back to the cursor repeatedly unless you take the mouse all the way down to the scroll bar and grab it manually. Shouldn’t the “Suspend Auto Scroll” feature work in both situations?

Thoughts? Steinberg? Really, really, REALLY would love this feature to work properly.

yeah, my experience aswell…

Bump - am I the only one who would like to see this feature?

+1 here, I’ve come to accept this as part of the program but actually what you say makes perfect sense to me.

In cubase 10.5 “Suspend Auto-Scroll when Editing” is unchecked but Auto ScrollFollow it is still suspending when I scroll using a trackpad.

Though Autoscroll resets to follow again if I pause and restart playing the song,
When “Suspend Auto-scroll when editing” is unchecked, autoscroll should never get deactivated (turn orange) but it does get decativated on trackpad scroll.

This should be fixed.