Sidebar duration sets to something other than the previous selection or the note I clicked onto

I’m clicking on an 8th note rest (in many places in the score), turning it into a 16th note triplet using ; and 3:2x - if I click on one of the 16th note rests within the triplet, the duration selector in the sidebar defaults to a quarter note. I’ve not placed any quarter notes recently, and the piece is in 6/8 so it’s not even like it’s one beat. If I don’t reset it to a 16th note before selecting the pitch it places a quarter note value which stretches beyond the triplet. I do this pretty much every time so have to undo and re-do it properly!

Why is it defaulting to the quarter note? Surely if I click on a 16th note rest within the triplet it should be set to a 16th note, meaning I can just enter pitches without re-specifying the duration?

When you start note input and show the caret, the quarter (crotchet) note duration is always selected. When you say you “click on” one of the 16th note rests, you mean double-click to show the caret, or hit Return or type Shift+N to show the caret, yes?

I’ll have to check when I’m in front of a computer, but I think I’m clicking on the 16th note rest to make sure the caret appears in the right place, after which the duration sidebar does show a 16th note, but when I press Shift-N to get the caret it does switch to quarter note. This is unintuitive, as I would expect it to stay on what had last been selected, rather than jump to an arbitrary default value. It’s not like there was no previous value for the duration sidebar to continue with.

@dspreadbury I’m now realising why I’m having such problems - there are occasions where I click into a rest, press Shift-N and the duration in the sidebar does stay the same as the note duration I clicked. It’s the inconsistent behaviour that’s confusing me.

A 16th note rest in a triplet defaults to a quarter note, as does a dotted quarter note rest; but clicking into a normal 8th note rest results in the duration remaining at an 8th note. There will be other examples too. :-/

I’ll need to find the time to look into this in more detail, but it could well be that the reason for the difference in behaviour is that the duration of the note in a tuplet isn’t really the same as the duration shown on the toolbox buttons (because it’s scaled by the tuplet it’s within), and so Dorico can’t choose that value.

Yes no problem. I’ve worked out that, in my score at least, it only happens on the drum staff, which explains why I was tripping up so much, as when I was entering the pitched instrument parts the behaviour was consistent, clicking into a rest meant that the duration was retained once note-entry mode was entered.