Sidechain advice

I’m struggling with dialing in the sidechain settings on cubase.

So I’m try to simply sidechain a kick the bassline so the kick comes through.

My question is this, what level should i set the sidechain strength at, in other DAWS I didn’t have this option and it seemed to work great, the sidechain was fine and when there was no kick the level of the bass remained consistent.

In Cubase though whenever the kick isn’t playing i have a jump in volume of the bass and I’m unsure of the db level of the strength to set in order to stop this happening.

Anyone help me with the correct way to dial in a sidechain kick to bass in Cubase using the default compressor?


or maybe you would like this way:

perhaps you’re having Auto Gain turned on in the compressor?

No I don’t have that turned on. I get a full 3db jump in volume of the bass when i cut the kick. I dont feel like i had these changes when i used sidechain in reaper.

Is it normal to have to change the volume of the bass when the kick cuts when its sidechained?

What side-chain settings are you using? Can you post a screen shot?

IMHO, and what I think more experienced engineers will tell us, is that this is one of those questions that doesn’t have an exact answer. Much will depend on the sounds you’re working with and what kind of sound you want to hear.

Sometimes the signal sent from the Kick to the Bass’s side chained compressor only needs to be -3 or even less, other times it needs to be greater. Sometimes a post-fader send works best, other times not.

I think the only “answer” here is what sounds right.