Sidechain Bug in Cubase artist 8.5 (driving me crazy )

Hello everyone,

first of all, sorry for my approximate English, i’m french so i’ll try my best to be understandable. So i bought my copy of Cubase 8.5 ( artist ), after years of using an older version. And, i’m having trouble using the sidechain with this new version.

I have two tracks : a pad track, and a kick=drum track.
I put a compressor on the pad track, i activate the ’ sidechain ’ button. I then go to the kick drum track, and send the kick drum to the sidechain compressor of the pads… and nothing. No gain reduction, no compression when the drum kick in. it always worked fine before, but not anymore. I have been using sidechain forever and it looks like this feature isn’t working anymore,

Can somebody help me on this, anyone ever had this issue before ? Thanks !

Did you enable the send from the little potentiometer shaped button on the top left of the send box?