Sidechain bug


finally i manage to get back into this new forum!

i have discovered an confusing and annoying bug today for sidechaining. here is the step.

1:/ create a group channel
2:/ name it …eg “Stabb Group” and put the Dynamics compressor in an insert slot and turn on the sidechain.
3:/ right click on group channel and “Save Selected Channels” with a name.


4:/ create a new group channel
5:/ right click and “Load Selected Channels” and load the previous channel setup. Note that you now have two group channels that are named the same.
6:/ rename the new group channel so you can differentiate it. ie call it “XXXX group”
7:/ now try and route an audio channel to a sidechain. where is “XXXX group”? it is still named “Stabb Group” !! there are two instances of “Stabb Group” !! very confusing!! why does renaming the new group channel over and over make no difference now? what is wrong…BUGGGG@!!!



Confirmed here.

Except, Step 5, when loading the saved channel settings it didn’t rename the second group at all. But the side chain option in the Send context menu was indeed named the same so pretty confusing. They were still named the same when saving, closing and reloading the project.

So, confirmed here.


Yep, I can confirm that.
Renaming the 2nd Group channel, even after having routed the audio sidechain to it, has no effect (although renaming the 1st Group channel does work).
Just one slight difference here, however (maybe a Mac/PC thing?)… When I load the “Selected Channels” to the new Group channel, it doesn’t rename it.

No, as I said in my reply, it didn’t rename it for me either. (PC here)


Steinberg please confirm this bug and issue it with a ticket number

There’s another bug with sidechaining while we’re at it - solo doesn’t include sidechain sends.

There’s obviously been some long standing issues with solo in general, and as Steinbergs vst3 plugs don’t include a listen function I guess they may have just overlooked this altogether :wink: