Sidechain Compression Cubese Elements 11


I’m trying to use sidechain compression to remove mic bleed in Cubase Elements 11.

I’ve got three voice channels - J / S /A

I have created three groups - J&S / J&A / S&A. The output of these is set to ‘No Bus’ because I don’t want to hear them anywhere, just use the signals to trigger the compressor.

I have sent the individual tracks to the groups that reference them. E.G. J is sent to J&S and J&A.

My intention was to use these groups as the sidechain input for the compressor. I can put a compressor on J and use S&A as the sidechain input.

The issue is once i’ve done this on one channel the other groups stop showing up as sidechain options for the other channels. E.G if I set S&A to the sidechain on track J then J&A doesn’t show up as an option for track S. BUT… If I haven’t set anything on the other tracks then J&A does show up as an option on S… But them if I select it the groups disappear as sidechain channels on the other groups again.

I’ve tried this with the stock compressor and also Waves Rcompressor.

Where am I going wrong? I feel like this should be quite simple. I’m almost at the point of giving up, going through all the channels and automating volume by hand…!

I don’t think it should be relevant but just in case - the output of the individual J / S / A tracks is set to a seperate group called Voices. That group is then sent to the Stereo Out bus.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I believe the reason the groups become unavailable as a side-chain source is that Cubase does not allow feedback loops.
This is mentioned in the user manual here:

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Thank you. I kind of understand that.

It does open the question - in that case do you have an idea what the best way to achieve what I’m trying to do it?

Thanks :pray:

You can duplicate source tracks and use them for keys.

Oh yeah. That is a great idea. I can just set them to not output and use them to trigger the side chains.

It would be annoying with a ton of tracks but with 3 speakers that only means 9 VO tracks total which is very manageable.

Annoyingly I already gave up trying and just automated everything by hand but I will 100% try this and see how it turns out next time.

Thanks :pray:

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