Sidechain Compression with third party Comps

Such a snap with the Cubase5 “activate sidechain input” button.

But I’d like to try some ducking, etc., with my UAD or IK plugs, but haven’t figured out a routing strategy. Anyone??

Use the search function :unamused:

Yeah…eye roller…Never thought of that!!

What is it with so many forums? A new guy posts a question…everyone seems to stay asleep in their cave…while one grouch comes out and uses the standard pat answer…“use the search function” I guess ultimately it’s that sort of thing that turns a forum into a ghost town…with numbers in the “replies” column like 0,0,1,0,2,0,0,2…

I recently demo’d Reaper…it’s not for me…but in the process, I went to the Reaper forum and asked a question…got about 12 answers in 10 minutes…all friendly…those guys are excited about their DAW!

I hate this forums search function?

But I just typed “sidechain” into the search box and you know what it worked :stuck_out_tongue:

Either that, or the fact, that less people like to answer questions that have been asked 12 or 23 times before, and can be answered easily by simply using the search function.

You can find such people here also, and then there are those, for whom it is nothing but a tool…

Hi Ramrod
Ignore these miserable RTFM no-life noobs. In the time it took them to complain publicly about your question, they could have just answered it.

So with that in mind, here’s one solution: (be warned - it ain’t pretty) :sunglasses:

Thats a bit unfair.

This one might be more palatable!