Sidechain compressor oddness

Cubase 6.0.5, 64-bit.

I’m using the compressor on a music track to do some automatic music ducking under talking heads, which is hooked up to the sidechain of the compressor. I’ve got the Attack up at 100, Hold at 600, and Release at 500 to keep the transitions from being too wild. It works well in the program.

However the program starts with just the music track for about the first 10 seconds. If while I’m playing a section with the talking heads where the compressors has kicked in, stop, reposition to 2 seconds before any of my clips start, and hit play, when the music starts I can see the gain reduction on the compressor kick in for what I assume is is 600ms (the Hold time) and it then it releases over the 500ms of the Release time. It’s like some phantom audio is stuck in the sidechain, yet it doesn’t get cleared when I play through silcence. If I stop and play it over again before any of the sidechain signal has entered the pipeline, it plays fine.

This seems like a bug… Anyone else run into this?

Thankfully if I do a Mixdown the export is OK.

Interesting! Sounds like a buffer isn’t getting cleared or something.

There is a preference, suspend VST 3 on silence (or something like that) try un checking it and see if that helps?