Sidechain - Cubase 7

In cubase 6 I would create a group track quadro and put fabfilter pro c sidechain set kick as trigger with pre fade and no issues… In 7 when i do this its behaves differently… the kick pounds when i put prefade on and i dont see the fab pro c sc… I use it now as side chain by click internal on the plug in, but its just not behacing how i want or like it did in 6… what am i doing wrong?

You sure have your reasons why you´re not using the VST3 version…!?
Apart from that Trial Version 1.17 works as it should.

I dont have vst3 versios… I did install them, but they dont show… I dont see\

I could just use the cubase built in i guess

Why did you install both vst2 and vst3 versions? Just install only the vst3 version and you’ll be set.

Use the “Devices - Plug-in Information” dialog to view and manage what you have installed and what you want to be available when you work.

what’s the difference between VST and VST3? and how do you know if a plugin is VST3? also, how do you choose it to be VST3?

Yes but I’ve read that when inserting a VST3 compressor the sidechain routing is different or something like that? how come?

As explained here already.

Mby someone can tell how to use sidechain now ?:slight_smile:

I allways use this Sidechain Tutorial ( Cubase 5, 6 )

Still the same.

Damn true !!!
But now sidechain work without graphic ;((((

You mix with your ears, not with your eyes :wink:

Whoa that guy is making side-chaining waaaay more difficult and complicated than it needs to be!

Just add Cubase’s compressor, click sidechain button, go to ghost kick track and send to compressor, done.

What are you talking about? You do it exactly as you did before. Nothing has changed.

Or are you using one of the Strip compressors to side chain? Is that what you mean?

Now you have two options, the way it always was and the compressor on the channelstrip.

It’s common knowledge that the new Strip plug-ins can be side-chained from another signal if required, but that doesn’t alter the fact that standard side-chaining has not altered in Cubase 7. It’s just the same as it was before and I have no opinions on the matter.

I am just trying to understand what the OP means by, “But now sidechain work without graphic ;(((.”

Why would the OP state that unless he thinks side chaining has been altered in Cubase 7?

Not just the compressor but also the other plug-ins. Even the Envelop shaper can be side-chained,