Sidechain/Ducking with Fabfilter within Dorico

I host my sounds in VEPro with multiple instances inside a server.
I want to be able to sidechain (ducking) within Dorico.
Can I do this with Fabfilter or is there no way to route it correctly?
I would do this within VEPro, but strings and brass are on separate instances and therefore cannot sidechain cross-instance.

Sorry, side chaining is currently not possible in Dorico. Actually, the audio engine as such is prepared for for it, but there is no user interface to do the routing and switching. That means, it therefore goes into the list of feature requests…

Thank you, Ulf.
Someone just recommended Sonible Smart EQ3 to me, it has “built-in” sidechaining and it works in Dorico. Not really a multiband compressor, but it performs quite well.

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