sideChain Help please!!!

I have been working with cubase now for a bit and have found the the lastest music out there is being autotuned and sidechained. I will be buying into autotune soon but for now I want to play around with VARIOUS and I say various SIDE CHAIN technqs. I know there is a way to get this affect by auto panning with vertical sawtooth shapes, but I really want to learn the effect sending via group channels way, that cubase offers. I think what is really holding me up is that I have cubase LE 5 and it does not have a sidechain compressor nor does it support it. Am I correct in this thinking???

Is there a way to get this effect with this version??? and can anyone give me a DETAILED run down of how to do it??

Thanks so much

Yes. at least not natively as in the VST 3 method.

Typing "sidechain into the search brings up 24 pages…

Type SX3 sidechain in youtube.