SideChain Input missing in TDR Nova (VST3 / 64bit precision engine)

  • Ensure Precision 64bit in Studio-Settings / Audio System
  • Add TDR Nova (VST3) to an audio track
  • Ensure to activate SideChain in the plugin
  • Select “Ext SC” in the new tab left to the help “?” tab on top
  • Select “SC” in the right top corner of the EQ display in the plugin
  • add a SEND in another track, with Target TDR Nova
  • press Play (ensure that the SEND track has some audio content)
  • then TDR Nova may switch back to “int SC”; ensure to switch it to “Ext SC”
    There is no side-chain present, although connected;
    It seems some input is missing;
    NOTE: The TDR Nova plugin uses a MONO side chain, which is a bit untypical;
    However in my own VST3 host (based on the VST3 SDK) and in Waveform Free 12 it works correctly.

My OS: Windows 10Pro 64bit 22H2 (build 19045.2846)
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