Sidechain issue with a phantom kick making sound when sends go to group channels

Hello, I hope someone can help me on this…
Im using a phantom kick with no input or output bus connected, just for triggering sending sidechains to selected tracks, in this case it is working perfectly with my bass track compressor BUT if I send it to a compressor in a group channel the phantom kick starts to sound. I don’t want to use the send directly from my kick track as I just want the effect to work in my 4/4 beats and not when I duplicate the kick and make variations with it. Any guess why this could be happening? I need to sidechain my percussions group and I dont want to send it to each individual track, thats why I m using groups…

Please check in the Sends section of your phantom kick channel that you really used the side chain only and did not also send the audio itseld to the group.


The upper send (blue) is using the side chain channel,
the lower one (orange) is sendig the kick directly to the group.

Thank you I was bad routing

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