Sidechain noise from kick?

I would like to have my noise sweep gated to my kickdrum to get a pumping sound. Somehow i can´t achieve this result. Anyone who can help me with the settings in the gate or is there an oher way to achieve this pumping effect?

I’m going to guess you’re actually looking for a compressor. The classic “pumping effect” popular in EDM is most often achieved with a compressor.
I recommend you search YouTube for something like “cubase sidechain compressor”. You should find tons of helpful videos showing in detail how to set it up. In fact, I would be surprised if there isn’t a video on Steinberg’s official YouTube channel.

Thank you very much for the information. I will see if i can find any good tutorials.

Or this, Create pumping, groove & rhythm FX with the Cubase plugin you've probably NEVER USED! ⁉️ #cubase - YouTube

Thank you very much, i tried the midigate and it works very well :grinning:

i am glad you found a solution, but for what it’s worth, the “Compressor” plugin that comes with Cubase is very easy to sidechain for this purpose. (although the sidechain feature is only available in Cubase Pro or Artist; don’t know which edition you have)