Sidechain - Not able to Set up?

Can anyone confirm this behaves the same way in their Cubase 6

on a project thats got drums and instruments (at least 4 beats of kick drum and something alse)

Set up a Sidechain from a kick to a group track

create group track, insert a compressor insert 1, activate the sidechain

duplicate kick drum track, change output to ‘no bus’, activate send one at zero db gain to the sidechain in the dropdown,

set the kick drum looping 4 beats or so in playback

go back to the group created and open the compressor to adjust the settings

NO signal to the compressor?

But it works fine if you set the sidechain up on an ordinary audio track, and I have a working project created in CB6 that has a sidechained group set up in exactly this way that works perfectly

Is there something obvious I’m missing here?

Yes, this is correct. There is no signal passing the input of the compressor, yet. You should see the gain reduction meter move, though. To actually make the compressor work you have to route a signal to the group channel.
Your sidechain drums track is just the signal being analyzed, not compressed!

Hope that helps.

Sorry perhaps not made myself clear

That is what I wasn’t getting, a signal in, indicating a sidechain signal is present.

I still haven’t worked out why it has not worked on the project I was creating and experiencing the problem

but created other projects and set up the Sidechain in the way my OP described and it works well each time

So parked the offending project till I work out why its happened that time… Thanks for your reply