Sidechain not being rendered with "Render in place"

Hello everyone,

I’m using the “render in place” function to save CPU usage. On the channel being rendered I have a compressor set to sidechain. The sidechain is being read from another ghost channel with no volume.

But when I use the render in place on that channel, the result doesn’t contain the sidechaining. How can I render it as well?

Thanks a lot in advance

EDIT: one way I found to do this is to remember to solo the sound chain ghost channel, but is there another way?
I found this solution but didn’t understand this:

“2) There is an option in program settings → VST. It’s called “mute pre fader sends when track is muted” or something similar. Have your side chain sends in pre-fader mode and untick this option. You just have to be careful that you don’t have any “normal” sends on pre-fade mode, though.”