Sidechain reverb on vst synth

Hi i would really like to have this pumping reverb on my vst synth. I found a tutorial on youtube, but here they use audio as a trigger for the effect. Do i really need audio as a trigger or is there a way around this? The youtube tutorial: How To Sidechain Your Reverb & Why (Cool Tip) 😎 - YouTube

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You need to tell the reverb to what it should pump to.

you can have a signal routed to the input of the compressor on the reverb and that signal out of the master bus, just for sidechain purposes.

Create a new track ( lets call it dummy trig1), add you signal ( audio or midi) , go to your reverb track, insert a compressor, activate the sidechain, make it come from the dummy trig 1 and unroute dummy trig1 from the master output. Like this you should have a sidechain effect on the reverb.

Is that ducking reverb effect? When vocal is present it compress only reverb signal and as soon it ends it release/boost reverb. If yes you have β€œeasier” option via Blue Cat’s PatchWork where you can send dry signal to compressor which will be after the reverb and that way avoiding many tracks (send, dummy etc)
Also there are few reverbs on the market that has self ducking option.

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You might want to check out MIDIGate, which lets you trigger a Gate using MIDI (duh).

Thank you very much!