Sidechain Sends get messed up

I very often find that my side-chain sends are messed up. They send to a different plugin than originally configured. Sometimes the plugin has not even its side-chain enabled. And sometimes the side-chain sends to a plugin that, well, isn’t even there!

I am pretty sure this sometimes happens randomly, that is, me not being so stupid as to drag the plugin to a different slot.

And by the way, even if I were to do that, it would really be helpful if Cubase either adjusted the side-chain send accordingly, or at least issue a warning.

Does anyone know if this is a known issue, and if it has been fixed in Cubase 10.5?

Cubase 10.0.60
Windows 10 Pro
Intel i7-4770K

I have the same issue (Cubase 10, windows 10 Pro)

Did you find a solution?