Sidechain to the same track

Hi there. Is there any chance, how to sidechain from the very track?
I’d like to create a gate for my kick. I’d like to trigger the gate from the sidechain input, where is only the bass spectrum filtered from the same track (so the gate is not triggered by snare hits from the bleed). I tried to add Fx channel, there to apply the lowpass/filtering and sidechain it back to the original kick track (with gate, triggered by the FX channel). But cubase doesn’t allow me to use that FX channel as a sidechain input.
AND PLEASE NO, I DON’T WANNA DUPLICATE MY CHANNEL. I like to have it “on the fly” … like when I am recording the live drums.
So is that possible? Any idea?
Thx a lot for your advices.

this makes no sense at all…
if the key is set to self… there is no side chain… since the gate get’s the signal already
just filter your input, normally this doesn’t get applied to the signal path just to the detection

which gate?

if I will duplicate the track, I will be able to filter out desired freq. (with pro-q) and send it back to the original track as a sidechain. So no problem so far. But I don’t wanna do that. I just like to have that on the fly from the very track. I hoped, the FX channel will help, but no, that is not possible. So is there any routing, how to have one signal splitted to two identical audiosources (without duplicating recorded channel) ?
In my case, I am using the P.A. Lindell50 channel as a gate.

“real gates” have filters available… just to taylor the trigger to the needs…

I guess this has no side chain input at all
but on the other hand… Cubase will not allow self to self routing since this could cause damage to your speakers/headphone/ears

Sorry my friend, I am not a rookie. I’d like to have full control.
1st this steinberg plugin adds 2ms latency!!
2nd there can’t be dynamic eq applied
3rd I cannot make a wall slope on the gate eq
etc. etc. etc.
Again, and for the last time. I need to have second track (fx channel, bus or whatever) with the same signal, from the source, to be filtered out, and sent back to the original track, to trigger the gate on it.
If I duplicate the audiotrack, it is possible immediately. But I don’t wanna do that.

Thx a lot for any advices guys.

don’t guess things. It has a sidechain input.

I’m sorry, I can find any valuable information on this f#&?g Plugin Alliance website… tiny pictures that say nothing…
I was trying to find information on the plugins gate but there is none…
at least it is an API emulation… but no extra information on it

I’m not your friend…

so what? Use a different one… channel strip gate? Has a filter as well…
or activate live mode since this is turning off the look ahead mode what causes the delay

wall slope?

again and the last time
this is not possible, it would be a routing that can lead to self oscillation if the plugin doesn’t handle it correct, so for security reasons this could be not possible

… well you “not friend of mine” :smiley: I tried to be polite, you still lead that agressive tone. :wink: Bad sleep? Huh?
I am still asking the same thing… to clone the signal without duplicating the track (which is possible without any issue and it leads to the same result). So what is the difference? I just wanna clone the signal on the fly. But not with duplicating the track. That is just all.
I’d like to control these things by myself with my favorite plugins… with absolutely common functions like sidechain, dynamic eq,
And yes, “the wall slope”

but it doesn’t change the answer… it is not possible…

I’m not saying that your plugin doesn’t handle the side chain correct
nor that you are not able to avoid feedback

but there are people out there that have much lesser skills then we have,
and to them it’s easily possible to build routings that will lead to feedback loops
to avoid this, the software disables these routings in general

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I agree with you!! Yes, you are fully right. And I know that well too.
But still, my question was just if it is possible without duplicating the track. (to have it on the fly). Maybe someone has a solution, which I don’t see. (how to clone the signal to another track, which can be edited and sidechained back to the original one)
That is just all.

the easiest way would be to use a different gate (one with filters or EQ in the key path)
or to duplicate the track
just apply all processing to a mono group with just your kick drum routed to it and use the channel as side chain source…
you can route the source pre fader to the group and the side chain post…

but that’s not simple…

I am not searching for any simple hack. It could be very very complicated. No problem. I just need to make it work on the fly (for the live performance) with my plugins (pretty common ones)

and about the grouping… yes, but that doesn’t solve the issues with making the signal cloned. Because I cannot route my kick to two groups at the same time. (so one is used “silently” to trigger my gate on the source track) … if I understand your solution correctly.

Why not?
Route the group to the group instead?

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If I specifically wanted to get the routing you speak of with Cubase my first inclination would be as you described. Sends > FX bus > side-chain input.

The next thing that comes to mind requires I go into my 3rd party tool box .
I’d load up an instance of Bidule, run the plugin(s) that require rerouting inside Bidule and connect them how I want. I don’t think it would work with alot of the plugins that ship with Cubase, but it should with the third party ones.
Here are two EQ/compressor chains running in parallel with the source track feeding their aux/side-chain inputs.

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you have no gate on the source track anymore… just EQ or whatever you need in the side chain…
you have to remeber to use the Kick group for general mixing and apply all further processing in the Kick group
set your kick channel to unity gain, send the pre fader signal to the group, process everything like you want for your side chain, send the side chain post fader …
one input two sends and a group

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My bad.
Added EQs to the bidule instance. Could add gates and stuff too. Also has standard parallel or matrixed mixers, gated-signal-switchers, automated cross-faders, and more. Any controls in the setup can all be set up to show up in Cubase VST lanes for automation.

If I misunderstood what he’s asking for…Oh well.

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@Brian_Roland my last answer was not for you… was sent to
Bidule looks interesting, will dig deeper into it sometimes… :wink:




OK Guys… thank you all for your help. This answer from Accel0001 helped me to light up a bulb in my head (thx for that scheme). Yeah, just to return the fx to the group, not to the track itself helped it, and it is solved now.

It works just beautifully!!! And in fact you can return the signal back to its origin, that was, what I’ve asked for.