Sidechain with new sampler track


I’ve tried sidechaining with the sampler track in cubase 13. It could be my ignorance, but how can I make it so that I see, for example, the kick in the same sampletrack window that I sidechain the frequency to. I have created a tone from the tone generator, and put it in the sample track, and want to sideshain the kick against the sub, where I want to see the kick so I can draw the sidehain based on the kick’s volume curve. I don’t see that you can. and that there is no button in the sample track where, like sideshain, you enter what you want to duck against, such as kick. so there should be a button that is “Envelope follower” button on what you want to duck against. just to work faster. where you press the button, a curve automatically appears in the sampler track, which you can then fine-tune. however, it would be cool if the curve is so perfect that it removes all phasing, like auto phase align kick and bass in the sample track. is just lyrical for the new sample track :slight_smile: