Sidechained Dynamic EQ in Cubase with Frequency EQ

I saw a clip on youtube half-year ago about this and I tried it today. I have vocals as sidechain channel so I use it in the midle of the stereo image, not on the sides. It was a bit confusing because I had to click a symbol to get it running, it should be lit orange. Normaly I click this to deactivate an insert, so… But its really nice, you can have much higher level on the instruments and still hear the vocals clearly, it also helps make the vocals “sit in the mix”. This was the most advanced stuff I have used I think, really cool and useful. Maybe this is old news, I just wanted to post if if someone has missed it or has comments.

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I use it all the time

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When? For vocals or?

I’don’t know what you mean exactly, but to deactivate an insert is a different button. These are different things.

It is just one possible solution amongst others.

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You can use the same method on kick drum and bass. Dampen the appropriate frequency of the bass whenever the kick kicks in.

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I know, you can pan out the instruments, choose some other octaver for the instruments… I am a beginner, not an idiot.

Yes but the buttons kind of looked the same, it was confusing.

Never thought that.

But the positions are different.
Could be confusing for beginners, but you are advanced now.
I’m aware that you had awakening moments in the last days. :wink:

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This is one of the better Frequency 2 tutorials I have seen.

11:04 “2 separate side chain sources on the same plug-in controlling different frequencies and different EQ bands.”

Copied from Dom: "
For the lovely folks that say this is possible with Trackspacer and/or Fabfilter Pro-Q3: Yes, it kind of is, but you will need to add multiple instances of the plugins to have separate sidechain INPUTS like I do here on the video. Don’t confuse sidechain sources with sidechain inputs they are a very, very different thing :slight_smile:

Now, tell me again how stock DAW tools aren’t good enough? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nobody told you that the stock plugins aren’t good enough for the tasks you need to do, but there are better tools for some tasks than some stock plugins.
But there are stock plugins that are excellent for some other tasks.
I really like Raiser and Quadrafuzz.

The thing is, to choose the right tool for a task.
Sometimes it’s just a tool that is easier to understand than the most advanced tool with shiny functions. And sometimes more effort in learning things is worth every second, but sometimes it leads to nowhere… you never know!

It just depends. :wink: And it’s a personal thing!

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I read this daily but not necessarily here. For the most part IMO it’s an out-dated synopsis based on DAWs 20 years ago…or more.


Very much so. And Frequency2 IMO is a tool that when needed is great for dynamic EQ…more so than ProQ3 especially if doing what Dom describes because I don’t think there are any others that do this.

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Ha, ha, that was actually really funny! You chear me up, its mostly dark now here in the North of Sweden, always below zero Celsius…

Thats the video I learned it from, Dom is gifted and very energetic, happy person. I like to watch his clips, he is not an introvert nerd.

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