sidechaining bass to kick

hey guys, can someone walk me through how to use “ghost” kicks, to have the bass still sidechaining without distorting when i remove the kick from breakdowns in my tracks.


If the VSTi doesn’t use all the notes of the keyboard, just program a note not in the map. Otherwise, use a seperate MIDI track with just those hits not assigned to a plug, but set up for side-chain.

There are numerous ways as always in Cubase.
You could for example set your sidechain send to pre-fader, then add a plugin for volume automation, such as mix6to2, onto one of the post fader insert slots (7 or 8). (If you automate the track volume directly you loose control of the channel fader, not very good)

But I’d stick with mashedmittens suggestion, duplicate the kick track and use the new one only for sidechaining and hide it away somewhere in a folder with other crap you don’t need too often.


yeah sweet. thanks for the replies. ill give it a try this weekend

I recommended setting up the “Ghost Channel” (i.e. a second channel for the “silent” kick) and routing it to the sidechain in the usual way but then turning off the output from Stereo Out to No Output.