SideChaining/Ducking in 8.05 Pro

Is there anything new on External SideChain in 8.05 Pro or still the workaround with Quadro Groups?



Are you talking about side chaining using plugins? I’m not sure about the meaning of “External SideChain”.

If you mean plugins, you no longer need quadro groups if you use VST3 plugins, Cubase compressor is pretty good for that. You can place, say, a compressor (enable the SC button), as an insert on a bass channel, route the send from the kick to the bass and that’s basically it.

A fuller explanation is on page 384 of the manual.



Hi Mauri, thanks, no i don’t mean that…with VST 3 works directly since Cubase 5 or 6 i think,
i mean the Quadro Method if it is still the same or anything new now. Not all compressors are VST 3.


still the same. natively supported for vst3, uber-workaround for vst2.x.

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Hi, can you please point towards this Quadro Group workaround for VST 2 comps? Thanks!

Hey Alexis, you can find the Article here:

Duplicate …

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