Sidechaining in Cubase 7

I’m trying to use the side chain function of Native Instrument’s Driver plugin in Cubase Artist. The problem is the only way I can find to do it requires using Group/FX in VST connections, which isn’t there in Cubase Artist. This essentially takes sidechaining out of the DAW apart from in the bundled plugins. Is there another way of doing this?

I find it extremely frustrating that, despite choosing to pay quite a lot of money when I could just as easily acquired the software illegally, I am suffering for it. Sidechaining is a basic feature not a bonus, I can understand some things being in the full version only but this is just silly. Is there any other way I can use my plugins with side chain features?

You can try this, it should work:

1.Make an audio track, put your trigger there…a kick for example.
2.Route this track into any vst3 compressor with sidechain enabled.

I don’t think we’re on the same page here, Driver is a VST2 plugin that has a side chain input, and I can’t route it through the sends or anything like that, you have to use the whole Quadro group thing. The problem is that’s not included in Cubase Artist, and I was asking if there was any workaround.

You can sidechain mono signals with stereo groups. So you do not necessarily need quadro groups.

How do I go about doing this? Every tutorial involves going in to Groups/FX in VST Connections, which isn’t available in Artist.