Sidechaining into VSTi in Cubase 6?

Since the end of Cubase 4’s lifecycle it was said that sidechaining into VST instruments would be for a future update to Cubase. This was clarified during the life cycle of Cubase 5 as well where it was stating this feature would NOT make into the life cycle of Cubase 5 but a future version of Cubase. After 2+ years of waiting, is Cubase 6 finally this ‘future version’? I would really like to be able to use this feature on my Virus Ti like I intended upon purchase of this synth only to be sorely disappointed to find out EVERY OTHER DAW COULD DO THIS BUT CUBASE!

Please clarify, thank you.


Is this the same (or similar) issue as the fact that Cubase doesn’t permit the use of plug-ins’ external sidechain access (except in the VST3 plug-ins) … unless one does the unwieldy ‘quatro’ routing?


Wow, still no official reply, guess it doesn’t look good. I can’t believe after 2 more complete revisions we still don’t have this working, but we have Loopmash 2! yea! :unamused:

+1 here…I would love to be able to route audio into my Virus TI, but Steinberg, the “inventors” of VST technology cannot seem to do what there competitors have achieved…why?

I was hoping Cubase 6 would bring this functionality to it’s users. Why no official word on this?

Not working in Cubase 6. I hope they’ll make it happen in Cubase 6 life cycle. I mean common, every other DAW has it??? :confused:

Bah. Figured as much, completely disappointed here. I suppose Cubase 6 is so new that this could be implemented in its life cycle, but I figured since this was mentioned since Cubase 4 it would have happened by now. I guess my Virus Ti still gets no loving while in Cubase when wanting sidechaining. Damn I really want to use the filters, effects and Atomizer on my non Virus tracks in Cubase.

Any official word from a Steinberg rep on this issue? Will it make it into the Cubase 6 lifecycle at all?

+1 and then some…

Any vsti sidechaining I do in Reaper and then export (again not ideal) but a cheap enough workaround for the money. Owning a VirusTi and a few other soft plugins, it would be so useful but I guess every DAW cant have it all. But as Cuabse it one of the MAIN DAWS I am amazed they can’t get themselves in gear with it (waiting since Cubase 4).

I am very surprised that SB haven’t implemented this yet, particularly any sidechaining that is not VST3 dependant or quaddro required (pain).

I would rather have seen this than Loopmash2, personal opinion of course.

As mentioned maybe in C6’s life cycle…maybe, just maybe…