SideChaining-Yes Again!

I am using C6.5.5. I know all about sidechaining, i am not a noob but…why in the world,
when using the Quadro Group method, some Compressors work some don’t and yes, i know
they have to have a SC Input. NI Vintage Compressors work, NF Liquid Compressor does not
work, Vertigo SC does not work, Elysia Alpha Comp does not work. I don’t even change settings
or anything, i just switch compressors on the fly. Is there any other method except Quadro
on C6 for VST 2.4 Compressors?


They need to have an external sidechain input. Internal filter sidechains (like the vertico and Elysia seem to have according to the manual) don´t work for just that reason.