Hi, at the very begining, I’d like to mention that I know how to sidechain.
BUT problem appears when I want to use a non-steinberg or non-waves compressor to sidechain. Even not all waves have a sidechain option. I have downloaded some free VST compressors that have exact characteristics that I want to use. But what is this? THEY DON’T HAVE A SIDECHAIN OPTION! How is it possible?? The plugin was created just for use in sidechain! Hence the name - Side-chain compressor. Or the Reaper Compressor - it has an option to select where the detector is supposed to take a signal, but again - no sidechain option in Cubase interface! So my question goes to - is it possible to somehow make Cubase to recognize a sidechain plugin? I mean like enable some option in .dll file or somewhere in cubase

Cubase only supports side chaining in VST3 plugins

you can use this method :

and support this feature request:

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I recommend side chain using the volume envelope, its quick, easy and efficient. just press “2”, highlight ur drawn side chain and cope-paste it wherever u want. It lets you visually see the sidechain and easily adjustable for things like if u want -6db on snare and say -24db on kick.

I remember after steresonic seeing skrillex backstage on his laptop, looking closely at his project file on ableton he was using this method.

I’m not saying its a pro way or anything but sometimes less is more :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s not “quick, easy and efficient” at all…especially when you’re doing 52 minutes of documentary where you need to sidechain everything to narration

Why don’t you just use a stock Cubase plugin? They work fine for ducking music with dialogue. What are these characteristics you’re looking for?

if your looking to side chain with compressor, it has to be VST3. All plugins that are vst 3 have 3 little bars next to it when ur selecting it under Inserts.
step 1: click the sidechain button on the top left of the plugin.
step 2: go to whatever is triggering sidechain (for example kick) and go to sends and in the dropdown find ur compressor. DONT FORGET TO TURN THE SEND ON!
step 3: go back to your compressor and play around with the settings until your happy with the ducking.

If your not happy with the cubase stock compressor try fab-filter pro c 2. I use that for more specialized side chaining.

You can side chain any compressor. It doesn’t have to be VST3. Has Quadro been removed? The method is longer and more convoluted, but this is what we always did before Steinberg made it easy with the VST3 compressors.

ahh i didn’t know that lol. so wait u can use any compressor? even things like vc160 (native instruments?)

Don´r know about any, but many - including NI vc160