Sidechains Driving me Nuuuts

I cant seem to get the Prefader option for sidechaining working.

my process is this…

  1. Audio track with Kick on sent to group A
  2. Audio track with splash noise sent to group B
    3.Group B, standard compressor in SC mode
    4.Group A, send to SC and pre fader lit up.

to me that should work, but i cant seem to solo the SC group to hear the effect of the SC without either hearing the kick or having to set the output of Group A to ‘no bus’

is it possible?



Though you surerly have a reason for the group routing thing you´re doing there. Thenof course, if you solo a track, that has an ouput to the master out, it will be heard on the master out when soloed - seems quite obvious. The two possibilities around that are to not connect it to the master out, or to turn the channel fader down.
Btw. the “SC group” you´re talking of is “Group A”, isn´t it?

Or another option…use listen instead of solo. On the control room turn the “unlistened” volume all the way down, then listen will function as solo.

I use listen instead of solo 9 times out of 10 for this reason. Love it and wish there were listen buttons on tracks and folder tracks as well as where they are now (mixer and channel strips)