Sierra and cubase

Just installed the public beta on my test drive, where I already had Cubase 8 installed. It seems to be working as normal on a very quick test round on different older projects. Maybe this time Cubase will be officially supported little faster than before?
Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 14.18.33.png

Would be nice, only “problem” for me is that I’m running a first gen Mac Pro, they’re not officially supported, but I guess that will be sorted out. (Now running the latest OS, which also isn’t officially supported.)

As an early adopter I say this is very encouraging.
C8.5 is working well with latest version of El Capstan (Deliberate misspelling) :laughing:

Do you notice any changes (improvements) reflected in the VST Performance meter or OSX Activity Monitor?

No dramas here at all which is a promising start.

From a quick look, the audio and midi seems unchanged on the surface at least, VST performance seems about the same at the moment too, but this is just an initial look and I have not tried huge amounts of tracks and plugins yet.

My plugins include NI, Waves, Toontrack, Scuffham and IK Multimedia and all seem to behave as expected so far.

Overall it feels a little more streamlined on general usage, more like a further tightening up of features rather than anything radical.

Siri is not really anything earth shattering as I never tended to use it anyway, but change the voice to Irish female if you want to hear the grumpiest sounding virtual assistant yet!

Will add any further discoveries as they come up.



I said no dramas, well here is the first one - doing an update on a couple of things with .dmg files which have failed to install even with all relevant permissions allowed.
I know there are a few changes to the Gatekeeper features but changed everything to ensure permissions were correct but nothing would allow the installs to take place.

It looks so far as if anything previously installed is running fine, but fresh installs will be troublesome to put it mildly.

If in any doubt or if your device is important to you just do not upgrade yet!


PS A huge gold star to Toontrack Support who helped me through a manual transfer of files to folders all over the place today to solve an issue that they were not even responsible for. Excellent service and support guys.

Next week on “Sierra & Cubase” …

Will Sierra stay as stubborn as before and not let anything be “installed”?
Will Cubase keep running smoothly or will it all end in tears?

Find out in the next posts!

The tread ends in kind of a cliffhanger and i’m wondering if there are any updates on the situation…

This link should probably be updatd to link to the above link. Still an old post from September 20, 2016.

It’s running very smooth!

Thanks for the post, I just finally updated on my laptop and will give it a go.