sigh ... project sample rate changed

Anyone seen this before?

Nuendo 6.5.2 / Mac OS 10.9.5 / SB MR 816csx interface

Got an AAF file from a video editor.

Imported it in to a Nuendo 48KHz project / 29.97fps. Worked fine. All the audio is 48KHz

Added an audio / video guide … also with 48KHz audio.

Did a mammoth work session on it…

Came back the next day and reopened the project. Now the project thinks its 44.1KHz and guide Video track is gone! ( well its on the drive but not in the project!) If I switch the sample rate back to 48Khz … it seems like its going to process and / or move all my clips even though they are already 48KHz? Is it smart enough to leave the 48KHz clips alone or is there a risk it’ll do something to them? Don’t want to test on a project copy 'cos it might still process all my original clips.

makes me mad… :imp:


One of the auto save backups was good … so not too much damage. Thankful for that!!

I have that same issue all the time. I have a Yamaha n12 and MR816x, with the Yamaha as the clock master. But…about 1 in 10 times it switches to the MR816 as clock master and screws up the sample rate. I just make sure it doesn’t resample or move anything, and then reset it in project settings.