Sigh theme bluesy

Hi folks,

some kind of bluesy swinging sigh theme :smiley: you’ll find here:


Heiner, I gave this a few listens. Overall sound and mix is clear. I couldn’t necessarily make sense out of the song, maybe because it seems some of the instruments swing, and others march. Anyway, thanks for putting it up for us to listen to.

Thanks, for listening and giving feedback, Easy!

Actually all instruments are in the same groove but nevertheless the song divides the listeners in those who like it and those who don’t. Like often… :slight_smile:


Interesting tune.

I think it might benefit from the lead/melody instruments being slightly louder.


I agree, interesting song. Very cinematic – I can see this as the backdrop in a movie scene. I also quite like the tension between swing and straight – go down to New Orleans and you’ll hear that sort of thing all day long! :sunglasses: