Sign for swing Notation


does Dorico have a sign for swing notation? See Screenshot.

No, but Florian Kretlow’s Metrico font was designed for exactly these purposes. Download and install from here: then use System Text.

Thank you!


Download and install from here: > > then use System Text.

This link lists a bug in the font compatibility notes when used on a Mac - related to triplet number positioning… does this bug still exist? If so - are you able to work around it?

I get the impression from this thread that things are now safe. That said, I pretty much always export to PDF - if I print straight to my printer it’s only ever for personal use.

Considering how easy everything else is in Dorico, I continually scratch my head as to why this can’t be done natively. It is such a vital marking these days.

Is there any reason why? I just don’t get it…

Because nobody has implemented it yet.

Yes, there’s no great philosophical objection, it’s just more difficult than you might think. We won’t implement it using font characters, but rather by drawing actual notes, tuplets etc. outside the staff. As such it’s complicated enough that we can’t just whip it up in an afternoon. But it will definitely be done in the future.