Sign in blues

Arrived at Forum for first time in a couple of months.
I’m told I have to create a new user ID. More than that, the site has decided somehow to extract from me a email address (which I’m not even signed in with) and is demanding I sign in with that address. The email address is greyed out so I cannot replace it with another one.
So now I’ve opened a new forum account (which I didn’t want) with an email address (which I didn’t want to use).
So two questions:
(1) How do I return to my old user account with my preferred email address?
(2) Why does Steinberg routinely make things so difficult?

Sorry to hear of this problem, David. If you’d like to send me a private message (click on my avatar above this message, then on the big blue Message button in the overlay that appears) including both your original Steinberg ID email address and your new one, I should hopefully be able to sort it out for you.

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Hello Daniel
Thanks for your reply. Sorry for delay.
By your avatar, do you mean your photo at top left of the message? Coz I’m not seeing anything else avatar-like.
When I click on your photo, I get an overlay, but there is no big blue Message button. In fact, I don’t see any Message button of any colour.

PS I have your private email, I think. So I’ll message you on that.

Try again when you’re logged in to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, thanks, puma0382. But I think I am signed in.
When I click the icon up top, I have the option of Signing Out.
So my problem persists. Not seeing Daniel’s avatar or any Big Blue Message button.

Have you tried clicking on Daniel’s name above one of his messages here instead of his avatar/image? That should give you this.

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Thanks, Derrek
I’m getting everything you’ve got except for the Message button. Here you go…

Likely, you haven’t posted enough on the forum to enable messages.

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OK. Well, this is a crazy situation. I’ve been a member of the forum since 2016 or something like that. Posted loads of posts on Dorico and Cubase forums. Suddenly, Steinberg decides to revamp access to the forum and I am no longer able to sign in under the email I’ve been using for ages. Then the sign-in bot apparently searches some part of my stored web data to find another email (that I do not want to use for the forum) and offers me no option except to sign in with that name. Then it signs me in as a brand new user with no capabilities in the forum.
Could someone please advise on how I can retrieve my old user account?

Sorry, David, I know you emailed me about this over the weekend. I’ve been very busy over the weekend and today and haven’t yet had a chance to dig into this, but I will do so soon.

Hello Daniel
Thank you. No apology needed. I delayed on your first message too.