sign in problems

Hello, today I reinstall my PC windows 10pro & can’t access my MySteinberg account when I login my === & Password it says,
(Try this Make sure you’ve got the right web address:
Yes I have right web address I remember my login details & other things, I send pic, please solve this matter. Thanks.


It should work again now.

Thanks now I login perfectly this all set.
My next question is how can I install my all studio things one by one please attached pic, Actually I have changed my computer hard drive and I have re installed my window so now I have install all studio software again from scratch for which I need step by step guide.
Do I need to install e-licence first? How do I install Cubase and activate it?
I have all set up downloads and activation codes I just need to know how to install everything properly kindly if you can guide me step by step so I can do everything easily.

No, it will be autom. installed during SW installation.
At first download Steinberg Download Assistent.
From there download full installers.
Later download Steinberg Library Manager.


Download Full Installer and install from it. All components will be installed by the installer, you don’t have to take care about the installation at all.

Yo also don’t have to take care about the all licenses stored on the USB-eLicenser. They are there and you can start the application straight once you plug the USB-eLinceser in. To get the Soft-eLicenses to the new system, fo through the Reactivation process, please.

Sorry but I don’t know which one Installer & where I can find it & download? Please send me the link


Download the Steinberg Download Assistant application.

Open it. From the list, select your products:

  • Cubase AI 10 (if you want to install it)
  • Cubase Pro 10.5
  • WaveLab Pro 10

There you will see the list of available downloads. Choose the Full Installer and download it.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your support. I have downloaded the “Download Assistant application” however I had already downloaded the software one week a go. I had them in my backup, I have reinstalled my PC this week. I want to just execute the program through this application, and not re-download it. As you know these software’s are very heavy in size. Please guide me for this.

So put the steinberg dongle into your new pc.
Take your backup and run setup.

Thank you very much for your help. Now I have installed Cubase it’s working perfectly very well. Cubase in my “C” drive Program Files.
Now I just want to install VST plugins and instruments in such a way that they synchronise with Cubase, and work smoothly. I have these third party VST’s:

  1. Native instrument Komplete 12 Ultimate hard drive
  2. IK Miroslav Philharmonik
  3. T-RackS and others some instruments & plugins
    I’m bit confuse where should I install instruments & plugins, I have
    “C” drive Program Files and also contain VSTPlugins. In Komplete 12 Ultimate have 135 products
    there are some plugins and instruments in same drive
    Kindly guide me how should I install these separately, or which destinations to choose? Thanks.


I would recommend to install it to the default folders, where is it installed by the vendor. You will see the path while installing (make a note/screenshot of the path, 64-bit plug-ins only). Then open VST Plug-in Manager in Cubase and add this path.

As far as I know, NI installs all its plug-ins to a specific Native Instruments folder, which is not visible by default from Cubase. IK might be the same.

I have installed complete 12 Ultimate successfully. When I open Cubase, native instrument K12U was not their. Please help me,
I think VST plug-in manager is used for this purpose, but I don’t know how to use it & what should I do with it? Please guide me?
Kindly see the pics 1,2,3 I am attaching. Please guide me.


I’m sure manual would guide you the best way here.

In the VST Plug-in Manager, click to the VST2 plug.-in Path Settings button (the cogwheel in the left-bottom corner). Then click the + button to add a new path. Locate the VST2 DLL files and click OK

As per your instruction I have tried locating the dll file but I could not find it please see attached picture.
I have tried to locate this VST2 DLL file in C drive, as well as rest of my drives. I even looked in the Native Instruments folder and I could not locate it their either.

It’s not 1 dll file. I think what Martin means is:

In your last screenshot, qq.jpg, click on the + that your red arrow is pointing to.

Then, when the menu comes up, you must navigate to the folder “VSTPlugins 64 Bit” that you point with the blue arrow in your q2.jpg screenshot. Don’t go inside the folder. Just select it and press ok.

Cubase will from then on look inside that folder for vsts. Maybe you will need to exit the program and then re-enter for the plugins to show, maybe not. Good luck

Hi all just wanted to say Thanks to everyone being so helpful I have managed to re install all my software and it’s all working well because of you guys. I now know that Steinberg forum is very useful and everyone is so friendly I hope to get more guidance from here in the future regarding Cubase! :sunglasses: