Signal but no record

Hey !

I have been searching a solution for my problem for a few days but as it seems that i can’t solve it myself i have to ask you guys ! I saw that similiar topics existed but none of them worked for me.

So i’ve been trying to record electric guitars and i quickly figured out that there was signal (i can hear the guitar in my speakers and the vumeters getting up when i play) but no waveform when i press record.

I checked all the inputs and outputs stuff and it seems right. Maybe screenshots would help better to describe the settings.
My soundcard is an Alesis io2 express.
I think that the problem might come from the fact that there is “no target” on my stereo out channel but not sure.

Have a nice day !

And the other screenshots !

From your 1st 3 screenshots it looks like you are set up correctly.

Some thoughts for you…

  • Please add your hardware & software specs.
  • Was this working before?
  • I see you have the track “record enable” and “monitor” functions enabled. But, have you actually hit the record button on the transport to start the recording?
  • There is a setting in the Cubase>File>Preferences>Event Display>Audio menu for “Show Waveform”. Is that enabled?
  • There is another setting in the Preferences menu in the Record>Audio menu for “Create Audio Images During Record”. Is that enabled?
    _ Make sure you disable the track “Record Enable” & “Monitor” functions to hear your recording during playback.

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Man ! :smiley:

I never thought of actually try to disable record and monitor to check it out but there is sound ! The only thing is that the waveform is so tiny that I thought that there was no waveform at all. So it brings me to another problem : why is the waveform so small although I’m recording at a normal level ?

Even when I hit 0 dB I have to zoom a lot to see the waveform !

Not sure what you mean by “small”.
There is a vertical zoom slider on the right side of the project window and the horizontal zoom slider is at the bottom. Try adjusting those to correct it.

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Hi. I have a similar problem, and am a newbie to Cubase (sorry). I have reviewed tutorials, etc… still having recording issue.

Trying to record a stream from the Internet. Can see signal movement on Cubase and Mixer meters, but no wave form/audio recording results.
All that results when recording is activated in Transport is a thin flat line (no wave form or sound).
Sound source/path: stream from Internet (processed on Windows 10 computer, 8GB RAM) -->Mixer In (Allen & Heath)–> Mixer Out–>to Windows 10 computer running Cubase LE. Am running only Cubase and browser–no other apps competing for processing bandwidth. Audio driver for Mixer is most current, and Cubase sees and recognizes the driver.

  • Signal IS visible and ACTIVE in Cubase (signal is bouncing and showing 0db on Cubase meters for that track)
  • Can hear stream on headphones and speakers connected to Mixer
  • Track is armed (red record button in track/inspector is ON) and monitor is enabled (speaker icon ON)
  • Setting in the Cubase>File>Preferences>Event Display>Audio menu for “Show Waveform” is ENABLED
  • Setting in the Preferences menu in the Record>Audio menu for “Create Audio Images During Record” is ENABLED
  • “RECORD” button in transport menu is ON
  • Have expanded track height slider in case wave visibility was just a visual issue, but still cannot see wave form–just thin flat line

Any ideas?
Thank you.