Signal Flow in Wavelab 8.5?

Can I just confirm the signal flow is WL 8.5 is as follows,

Sound Clip -> Sound Clip Effects -> Text Window -> Track -> Master.

My current workflow is to have my compressors and EQ’s as Clip based FX (different for each clip) and then an overall limiter as a track based FX (I don’t tend to use the Master section when using the Montage)

I want to adjust the gain of clips post “Sound Clip Effects” using the Text Window therefore adjusting how hard a clip hits my track based Limiter plugin.

I’m therefore want to confirm I have the signal flow/gain staging points correct as posted.


See page 211 of the WL PDF for detailed info of the signal flow.


Thanks, I looked through the manual index and just couldn’t see it - and there it was even with the exact title of my question.

I wish the PDF search in Windows worked better - it’s truly hopeless!!

Anyway thanks gain.