signal from master channel too hot

I’ve been doing a project where I’m mastering directly from Nuendo to save time.

I have several plugins on the mastering channel, the last one a limiter that peaks at zero. It seems that i need to pull the output of the limiter down quite a bit to stop it from distorting. Using a similar chain in Wavelab, I don’t have this issues.

I would appreciate any suggestions as to why why this is happening and how it can be fixed.

Check the signal flow and make sure it’s “the same” in Wavelab and Nuendo (i.e. pre- vs post-fader inserts).

Also, are you using the exact same chain with exactly the same settings and the same input levels (into the master output)?

Which limiter are you using?

Where are you getting distortion: Is it audible distortion in all playback devices, or is it “visible” distortion that you see when looking at meters (i.e. clipping indicators)?

If it’s visible distortion and you’re relying on the Nuendo channel meters check you’re not using pre-fader metering.

My guess is that you have control room outputs AND stereo output set to the same physical I/O and you are clipping your converters. If using control room, set “stereo out” to “not connected”.

That was the problem. Thanks very much.

I’m not sure why but i can’t set my “mix out” to “not connected”. I did, however turn off the “main” in the control room.