Signal Path in a Channel: EQ vs insert

I always get tend to get confused with signal paths, so I was hoping someone could just tell me if I’ve got this right:

If I want to use the stock Cubase EQ in the “VST Audio Channel Settings Window” (heh, heh) to process the output of a compressor in insert slot one - does page 169 mean that I can do it all in the same channel?

In other words, the EQ is applied after the inserted comp … I don’t need to put the comp in one channel and the EQ in a subsequent one, right?

Thanks much for helping clarify (one way or the other) -

PS - And not that I’m trying to do the following now, but the the question is begging to be asked … if I wanted to EQ first and then compress, I could still do it in one channel by putting the compressor in slot 7 or 8, but would have to live with the fact that the comp input would be controlled by the fader?

Inserts 1-6 are Pre EQ, 7 and 8 are Post EQ but are also post level!

Better to use the Studio EQ (or other EQ type) in slot 1 for pre compression EQ as it has benefits when considering sends and/or other insert processing (maybe)

Oh… and the answer to your first question is yes :laughing: