Signature change


I want to insert a signature change in my project, but when I change the signature all my audio events stays in the same place. I want them to follow the bar to the new posision.

How can I solve this problem??


When inserting a signature change you are changing the grid and click for the time signature change. In essence you are creating a map, guide, template for your music.

Changing the time signature with audio events already in place will not line up or change these events.

But if I have a part in 4/4 in bars 20 - 28, and I want to change the signature in bars 10 - 19 to 3/4, the part in bar 20 - 28 stay in 20 -28 right? Or do I have to move it back afterwards?

Since you´re not mentioning your used software - RTM “Editing tempo and signature” and check if your software has the “process bars” feature

Cubase always “thinks” in beats, not bars (in other words, changing time signature does not move the position of events).
In the example you used (I presume that the whole project was originally in 4/4, before changing bars 10-19 to 3/4?), bars #10 to the end of bar #19 lasts 36 beats (i.e. beats #41 to 76), and the beginning of bar #20 is beat #77.
If you change bars #10-19 to 3/4 (and put it back to 4/4 at bar #20), they now last only 30 beats, but the “old” bar #20 is still at beat #77 which has now become the 3rd beat of bar #22. (and that isn’t a “quirk” of Cubase… it is simply what happens in music :wink: )
So, yes, you have to move those "old "bars #20-28 manually. Just select everything from what-is now bar #22 beat #3, and drag it to the start of bar #20.

[EDIT: even if you use “Process Bars” :wink: ]

If you use "process bars, and insert for example 4 bars of 3/4 at bar 20 of a 4/4 project, with an audio file starting at bar 20, the audio file get moved together with the 4/4 time signature after the 4 bars of 3/4, which as I understand it is what the OP is asking in his first post.

Hi tc,
my understanding was that the OP wanted to merely insert the time signature (i.e. change the signature for existing bars), not actually insert new bars (which would, of course, as you say, move everything along to accommodate :wink: ).

This seems to be what he wants to do, but he misunderstands “where” the event anchors itself. The easiest way to get his head around it is to make a single track and put an audio event on it at say beat 5. Then mess around with the various options you might have … change sig … insert sig … etc…

It won’t take long for you to get what is happening. Once you get it, you make the correct decision in complex track configurations.

I got my answer!!

Thanks for the response!!

Now check the music!!