Signature not displayed at opening of a project

I open my project with several songs with signature. Sometimes, the signatures are in the timeline but not displayed in the parameters of track :


… and the signatures are back when you select the tempo track and then again the signature track? Or do you need to select another song and back to the one with the lost signature?

Thank you,

Hi @Spork,
I’m not sure, this issue has been seen one time, with last version. I did not see it again, even with this same song. So I cannot confirm.
If I load the same project, signature is well displayed. So either it is a random behavior, or maybe because the project had been created with last version and load with new version ?..

Hi @Spork,

It was an “user related” issue, so my bad.

Nevertheless, If I change signature, sometime the numbers of bars are no longer displayed (I think related to the zoom) :