"Signature Strike"



I’ll hazard a guess and assume that fathers in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia
have sons too. :wink:


Hey Jet,

A friend of mine recently gave me a CD of Robert Fripp with David Sylvian. It was not all to my taste, but I am a big fan of Fripp and it was great to listen to him again. I thought the textures in this were very reminiscent of him. I thought you made them build beautifully, and the way the music combined with the narrative was suitably chilling.

Loved it.


(P.S. Respectfully to Kevin: what preaching? Do you mean music that suggests unhappiness with political actions or positions? I don’t see that as preaching; you can listen or not listen; you can agree or disagree; you can like the sounds or not like the sounds.

Again, respectfully, your engagement with Jet’s music posting has been entirely political (or in your words ‘preaching’) and you have not made any comment about mix, tune, or anything else vaguely connected with music. Like you, I don’t dome here to be preached at, and if I think I am being preached at, I stop reading. This is, after all, a voluntary forum and we’re not forced to listen to anything or in fact to be preached to.

It is not, in my view, acceptable for you to suggest that certain types of music that you personally dislike should be censored. We are all grown ups after all and can discuss differences of opinion in a grown up manner.)


Hey Jet,

Good to see you back in here, back from Oz now?

I need to send you an email, give you an update on things.

Regards ‘Signature Strike’ …cool stuff! :sunglasses:

Mix sounds great! :wink:
Never heard of signature strike before, or its meaning, it’s true what they say, you learn
something new each day :smiley:

Speak soon, if not during the week, over the weekend (have the parents here till Friday)


I’m so glad I got some new cans, the low end in this is immense! :open_mouth: :smiley:


thanks for listening and for your comments. :wink: I’m glad you liked the piece
and the build-up. I too am a big fan of Fripp and I know that it shows here.
Thanks again and…


:wink: I was hoping you’d notice.

Yes, got back from Sydney last week, had a great break.

Glad you like the track, and await your latest news. :slight_smile:

Catcha man!

hey jet. good to hear something from you again. yes great large droning bass in the opening, nicely sitting against the trem guitar, thats cool. I’m liking the swells too. the sound finishes perfect with the theme, definitely had an impact, my kind of stuff. thanks for the download, had to try it on the house system with the sub, rattled a few tea cups :laughing: :sunglasses:

I like this kind of song thats built from found sound.I’m trying to finish something like this (non political ) right now The mix and tones here work well. Only thing I’d say about the piece is that you should try making this more of a song with a melody (guitar lines or such) of some kind . As is ,you have vocal samples overlayed throughout and after 2:19 , I think the sample of Obama saying “I have 2 words for you…” is over used. If there was a break for music or a beat or something , it may sustain a wider group of listeners. I’m thinking of the anti war song “19” or " The Motorcade Sped On" from back in the day. Anyway just my thought ,good piece and nice cuts/placement on samples…

FWIW ,I fundamentally disagree with the message here entirely

I appreciate your comments and ideas, thank you.

At first I did think about and try a melody approach,
and thought about beats, etc. However, the more I
tried to do it that way the more I felt the subject required
understatement, hence the very simple guitar foundation.
I needed to find a balance between performance and
point. I wanted the focus on the message, upon the deaths,
not upon what I was doing. Sorry if I haven’t explained it well.

It was always going to be a tricky issue what to do with the
lead sample, but in repeating it more as it went on I was trying to draw
attention to the contrast between the 2008 inaugural address rhetoric
and the brutal reality of today, what I perceive as the main message
that blocks out all the others.

As to your own views on drone attacks, I can only respectfully refer to you to
researchers and journalists such as may be found at
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. An innocent is an innocent,
no matter who they are or where they live or what they believe.

Thanks for listening M.

Regarding the production rationale ,I see your thinking here. Regarding the substance I prefer to keep comments focused on production

hi there,

i really like what you’ve done here, the guitar held my attention even without the melodies.
i know you said you wanted the focus to be on the message but i could’nt help myself, even in a musical sense i think melodies could take away from this sound rather than add to it, just my opinion though

Well, I sure wasn’t expecting what I just heard! :astonished:
Something a little bit different from you too Jet… I like it. :slight_smile: Educational too!

‘Thunderous’ is the word that comes to my mind! :smiley:

0:12 - “You think I’m jokin” - felt like it was cut off a little too sudden. Maybe you didn’t have much choice with the sample?

I think the track works as is… though I did find myself hearing potential for other arrangement ideas - e.g. dark percussive components - boomy timpanis etc etc. But regardless I found myself fully engaged with the track for the duration so that’s a ‘pass’ from me! :sunglasses:

I will stay away from the political on this, I respect you way to much to start that conversation here. I can say that the sound is remarkable and that your message is put across in a tasteful and respectful way. One day when we are within a 100 miles of each other we will have some great food and wine and discuss our world lol. Food and drink is way to resolve all the worlds issue

I appreciate your comment on the production choices. I guess in this case it’s simply not
possible to split off the production from the message.

Dear HS,

thanks for listening. I am glad you liked the music as it is.
It was a touch-n-go decision not to go in another direction.


Hi Ian,

thanks for listening and for your feedback.

Yes, it is a big bottom on this one. :wink:

The sample is deliberately cut short. There is more laughter that follows “joking”.

I’m glad you found it engaging enough as it stands. :slight_smile: