signature timeline problem


when i go in tempo track editor i see no way to adjust the time signature.
if i put pencil tool above time signature area i can’t add new time signature… :confused:
where can i set this ?
(of course tempo track is activated)


Do you mean, you can’t even insert a new time signature, or do you mean that once inserted, you can’t change it?
Do you have the Tempo Track Editor window’s Info Line visible? (If you don’t even see the icon for showing the Info Line, right-click in the window’s extended toolbar, to customize what is visible there).
Anyways, you use the Info Line to change the value of the selected event, whether tempo or time signature.
(although you can also change the values in a time signature by double-clicking on it)

Apart from the confusion about signatures (tempo and signatures like 4/4 etc. are different things for setting signatures you need a signature track) i think you just have the tempo set to fixed instead of track in the transport panel.

hi thx for your help :wink:

i can’t add a new signature.
no the tempo is set to "track
tell me if you see anything wrong on that picutre :

Still confused about your “signature” terminology and what you are trying to do.
Do you want to set the bpm e.g. 120 or 140 or do you want to set a time signature e.g. 4/4 ?

i want to change 4/4… 7/8 etc :wink:

i was used to this with cuvbase 6 on my lapotp but i reinstalled every thing on my new PC and can’t figure out what’s wrong.
maybe a submenu i didn’t noticed or a graphic bug somewhere ? …

In that screenshot, the Time Signature line is the grey strip immediately above the main Tempo Grid (just below the Ruler… the bit where it looks like the wiper is hidden :wink: )

Mine works fine :wink: .
Is the cursor still a pencil when you move above the signature area?
Did you try holding alt when clicking?

yeah click in that grey area but nothing happen. with alt or anything :frowning:
i’ll reboot pc … but i had this yesterday alos …

here is my system (sry it’s in french :stuck_out_tongue:

Processor Intel® Core™ i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz
MEMORY 16,0 Go
Graphic ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series
Graphiqc game 3571 Mo total de mémoire vidéo disponible
HD main SSD 52GB free (119GB au total)
Windows 7 Professionnel


Fabricant Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Modèle P67A-UD3P-B3
Quantité totale de mémoire système Mémoire vive 16,0 Go
Type du système Système d’exploitation 64 bits
Nombre de cœurs de processeur 4


Taille totale des disques durs 5708 Go
Partition de disque (C:) 52 Go libre (119 Go au total)
Partition de disque (D:) 1383 Go libre (1863 Go au total)
Partition de disque (E:) 1671 Go libre (1863 Go au total)
Lecteur multimédia (F:) CD/DVD
Partition de disque (G:) 1632 Go libre (1863 Go au total)

Carte graphique

grapic card type : ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series
Mémoire graphique totale disponible 3571 Mo
Mémoire graphique dédiée 512 Mo
Mémoire système dédiée 0 Mo
Mémoire système partagée 3059 Mo
Afficher la version du pilote de la carte 8.782.0.0
Résolution du moniteur principal 1280x1024
Résolution du moniteur secondaire 1680x1050
Version DirectX DirectX 10

If you scroll the Tempo Track Editor widow all the way to the left, do you see the initial time signature? (and, if so, can you double-click on it?)

Shouldn’t you be trying to change the time signature on the SIGNATURE track and not on the TEMPO track?
If you just want to change the time signature for the entire song to one constant time signature then double click on the “4/4” in the transport panel and type it in. If you want to change the time signature throughout the song then you need a SIGNATURE TRACK.

well the actual window you see is scrolled to hard left. no 4/4 sign there.
and yeah what i want is to change the signature during the song. i do music for movie and use this alot to bring a bar to start with the right image rather then using the tempo change.

Then there’s definitely something wrong. Try trashing Preferences (to rebuild them from scratch, on next launch).

What happens when you create a signature track?
Are you able to add signatures there?
Signatures created in the signature track should show up in the Tempo Track Editor.

hi Henky thx for the idea it works !
hey i didn’t knew that we could add signature track in the project window !
yeah i can see the signatures there and i can change them :slight_smile: so that’s solve my problem for now :wink:

vic_france, ok i will try to delete the preferences although i don’t know if i’m going to loose important seetings to me “key commands” or settings …dunno. can you tell me what exactly should i delete ?

thx again :wink:

Can you see these signatures in the Tempe Track Editor now?

nop :frowning: still invisible :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this happen regardless of witch project template you use when creating a new project?


I had this problem recently with cubase 5 after my PC crashed on rebooting and loading cubase it somehow switched sample rates on recording on the same project, all sounded fine in cubase but when mixed down play back was slow. As a suggestion check the colour of the text in the sample rate box if it is orange coloured then there are mixed sample rates. To get over this problem I had to resample all the audio files but keep the samples at the same position, there is a setting to do this but cant remember where, I think its in the audio drop down menu. If it is OK the sample rate will then turn grey in the box. I might add that in the pool the samples where showing the correct sample rate.
Hope this helps

Sorry last post in wrong topic