Signature track for every single MIDI track!

Hello Steinberg’s crew! :slight_smile:
I’m re-posting this topic here.
Cubase is my favorite DAW, and I love it. Bravo for the great work!
It would awesome if you make available writing of music in multiple measures. For example if there is violins which play in 12/8, at the same time and tempo with violas, cellos, basses in 4/4. Like in the score of Elgar I’ve attached, and these measures to appear in the Score editor, too.
I’ve had the following ideas:

  1. For the Project window: To change grids only for the assigned to the Signature Track MIDI track, or if you need multiple measures, just you would need to assign measure to the every track.
  2. For the MIDI Editor: When you want to edit all instruments in a single MIDI Editor, just to show the grids for the instrument you are editing, not for all. They can also include option /similar to the Quantize Presets/ on the MIDI Editor window, to allow you to change only the grids for the measure you are using /If you need to see how something written in 12/8 would look in 4/4, and opposite/
    It’s my simple imagination about these things, as user. :slight_smile:
    I have in mind to be able to use combinations of time signatures which are defined as possible by the theory, and mathematics, not random…
    Thank you guys! Keep working on this awesome DAW :slight_smile:
    Elgar - Enigma Variations.jpg

Great idea. A solution could be to set a signature track per folder track. So all tracks in that folder will use the signature for that folder.