Signatures are gone?

I always found these useful to have an understanding of another users experience and interests when ascertaining how informed they might be.

Seems singatures are gone for good in this new forum facility?

Yes, signatures have gone in the way they worked in the old forum.

This new forum has a better system (IMO) - fill in your profile details and when people click on your profile image they can see whatever it is you have filled in - give it a try.

Also try to keep stuff tagged properly - so that posts end up in the correct forum. It’s down to us to keep it tidy (moved to lounge :slight_smile: )

You see, this is what I don’t like. You say use tags, but the word TAG doesn’t appear anywhere in the interface to me. It’s all just a bit bleugh.

I’ll check out the profile thing thanks.

it gets easier, trust me :slight_smile:
there are things I don’t like about this forum but there are a lot of things that are better

when you do a new topic - under the title is a ‘category’ drop down list - and to the right of it is an ‘optional tags’ field

give it a try…


I’ve been using this type of forum extensively for months with other products, and I still don’t like it.

I know the old version wasn’t perfect by a long way, but I kind of feel we haven’t solved much, but just changed the nature of the problems.

Not all change is progress.

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fair enough - but I’m certainly warming to Discourse (and I HATE change !)

No way to at least see the old signature? So I won’t need to re-write it from scratch…
Tried wayback machine, no luck unfortunately.


@Geppastro I had to find a pre-forum-conversion post which contained my signature, then copy and paste it to my profile here.


Thanks Thiago, I already tried that but couldn’t find how to get to one of my old (pre-forum-conversion) posts. How did you do it?

I searched for text I knew was in there (e.g. macOS). If you click the magnifying glass, then click options, you’ll see a posted by box which helped restrict the results to my own posts. Let me know how you fare!

Not sure what you mean…when I search your old posts I don’t see your signature inside them, I see it only when I double-click your picture (in any - new or old - post). It’s the same when I search my old posts. I’ve searched for words in my old signature, but I couldn’t find anything. Well, I guess I’ll write it again from scratch…thanks anyway.

Consider it a chance to refine your signature and also add a background picture to your card :wink:

of course…we’ll see… :thinking:

BTW happy cake day :wink:

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Happy cake YEAR…! :smiley:

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