Signatures, signatures...... (??)

Hi guys,

Q.1 What would you say is a relevant/sensible amount of information to include in your ‘signature’ please ??

Would you list every Steinberg/HALion VSTi (considering this is a Steinberg site) such as :-

Cubase 7, Wavelab 7, HALion Sonic 2, HALion SE, HALion 5, Nuendo 6, Neo Soul Keys, Groove Agent 3, The Grand 3, Hypnotic Dance, Padshop, Retrologue, Absolute VST, etc…

Or is that overkill ??

The reason I ask is that some products are contained within others (eg, Padshop is within HALion Sonic) and so is there any point in mentioning it ?? To mention ALL the Steinberg VSTi’s a person possesses would amount in a very long list !!

Or would you only state the main programs (ie, Cubase Artist 6, Wavelab Elements) ??

Q.2 Also, it has been mentioned a couple of times now that the information I have left relating to my PC’s is somewhat lacking. Could anyone please advise me on what I need to add (please) ??

Many thanks…


Is this a brag list or in aims of getting more informed technical help? :wink:

Well I suppose that some people might want to brag about their gear. Though its been years since I met anyone like that.

I was asking from the point of view of what is relevant in terms of Cubase/HALion software (ie do you need to list everything, or can certain things be assumed, or do you only list it all if you are in the need of some technical assistance) ??

You simply list it however you please, if you don’t need help, it’s really just about other users seeing what you have out of curiosity. There’s really no right or wrong about it. You can list as much (or little) as you feel relevant, just don’t go putting all your cables on there…lol

AHEM :imp:


Hi Bane,

Thanks a lot.

Some people list many of their VSTi’s whilst others only list the manufacturers.

I only listed my synthesizer hardwares because I thought people might be interested. But for no other reason than that really.

As I say, a couple of members mentioned my PC ‘spec’ is a little insufficient when I request assistance in this particular area. So I was wondering what might be missing ??



My signature is just kind of a joke. After finding out how some people put all insignificant pieces of hardware/software there, I decided to make my signature as complete as possible … as you may find out if you read the last line :sunglasses:

Thanks for joining the thread Jarno.

Yes, that’s quite a unique signature mate !! :mrgreen:

I always thought I would list things so anyone helping out my shortcomings might see something either creating a problem or incompatible hardware. At this point, if something changed, I change the list.

I will admit, some lists I’ve seen are well detailed. Some others give nothing up

I think it should be the the platform and software version at a minimum. And at the max no more than 4 lines, whatever you want to put in there.

Thanks Steve and Knuckle. That’s very interesting to hear.

I am kind of thinking of taming mine down a bit and removing the hardware paragraphs. Though one thing I have started doing is only including my signature in my first reply so that it does not dominate the whole page!

Aloha guys,

@ monsterjazzlicks.
Very interesting question.

I lean more toward Steve’s POV.

That being said;

if a user has, and has installed and use lots o’
different stuff (soft and hard);
some of it may not play well with others.

In that situation other forum members reading your sig might be able to help sort out
your conflicts because they may have heard of or have experienced
probs with these same or similar combination of DAW products.

So it is a tough call. My approach to it is like dealing with the law.

Just the facts ma’am! And then give up more info as needed.

As I said before, interesting topic with no one correct answer.


Hi Curt,

Glad you like the subject matter ta.

I see that you have boiled your signature down to the bare minimum!


I concur with the majority here. I’d say Platform and version are paramount, Audio and Midi interface(s) should also be listed Computer specifics are helpful, as can be controller info.
I find the tech info in a sig. is not only important for helping someone with a problem, but also helpful to see what people are using who have no problems :wink:

Yes, quite !!

I had not looked at it like that :bulb:

True enough … however, the only folks that have NO problems, have no gear … if you know what I mean and I think you do. :wink:

:laughing: how true


I’ve been reading your posts for a long time and always enjoy the fact that you have a reverse alternate view of things. A good talent to have.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours… :laughing: