Significant Plugin latency - "Cloner" and others?

I wonder if anyone else had noticed this? I’m experience a substantial amount of latency in C8 regardless of buffer settings driver etc etc. The system reports an acceptable latency with my usual buffer but it’s very obvious that it’s far more than that! I’'m testing with an empty project with just a single audio track using a track preset that included the ‘Cloner’ as an insert. After some investigation It appears that the ‘Cloner’ plugin might be the culprit as when I uninstall it the issue goes away. However, I’ve had this issue on several other occasions where the “Cloner” plugin was’t used leading me to believe that some other stock plugins may also be introducing significant latency?


(Yeah, I think Cloner is notorious for being high latency.)

Total latency = the DAW / Audio Interface reported “base” latency + any additional latency plugins add, if at least one of them goes above that base latency.

For example, if using so-called “zero latency” plugins (like Slate Digital VMR and many others), since they won’t add latency to the equation, the total latency would be whatever your audio interface is set it to.

If you use demanding plugins that introduce latency beyond what the audio interface is set to, then the total latency will be equal to that of the greatest offender.

Also, you can cut your latency in half (or more) by running the Audio Interface (and DAW) at a higher sampling rate (i.e., 96 kHz).

The tradeoff is that you need a faster processor and/or more cores, of course, or audio dropouts ensue.

I have found that CLONER will give a delay 100msEc (?) to the track even when BYPASSED - this is fixed by DEACTIVATING

This caused me to search all through the USB system as adjacent tracks appeared to be out of time
Happy to have found it - but surprised no others have seen this problem

It’s not a problem, that plugins have high latency, lots of plugins have.
It is only a problem if it is not properly delay/latency compensated.

It is - if you want to use it in realtime.

then you need to use plugins that don’t add a ton of processing latency or have a realtime mode.

Yes not a problem as in a bug, in the plugin.
I could have been more clear on that, sorry.