Signpost is a confusing name

Until a few days ago, I thought ‘signposts’ are only pointing to something, to a pedal line or a time signature. With other words that the signpost itself doen’t contain something. Until a few days ago I thought that hiding & copying chunks of pedal lines was much easier in Sibelius than in Dorico, no need for hiding end hooks, changing sign appearances, splitting lines etc, etc.
Now I discoverd that I actually can copy and paste large amounts of pedal line signposts to get the same result. English is not my native language but for me the name ‘signpost’ in this context is a bit misleading.

Thanks for the feedback, Douwe. The operation manual does explain what signposts are, and that they can be selected and copied and pasted, e.g. here. We chose the name based on their appearance: little signs on little posts. And since they don’t always represent a hidden item (e.g. a break itself is never shown, but rather like the wind you can see its effect rather than the thing itself, so a break is not a “hidden” item), and since they themselves are not hidden (obviously you can see them), it didn’t make sense to us to refer to them in those kinds of terms.

Thanks Daniel, yeah, I know I should read the manual. I’ve read ‘your’ Sib-manual at least twice long ago. I simply can’t get through this one. Perhaps I should try the Darren Jones book. Still have the feeling I’m not using the full potential of Dorico… Well at least I know the sign-post-trick now…