Signpost question: score/parts position

Is there any way to have signposts in different places between a score and a corresponding part?
For example, in one string part, I have a divisi signpost that starts at measure 82, but in the part it would be useful to delay that divisi until measure 83 (it falls in a new system that way.)

(N.B. no, I can’t move measures to fit this, everything behind is too tight, and everything forward is where I’m trying to save space)

I don’t believe so. One option to explore is Manual Staff Visibility. If you put a system break at the start of the system that ends in bar 82, you can manually hide the extra staff. Then, another system break at bar 83 to reset staff visibility.

You will need to manually adjust labeling etc.

Edit: Thinking a bit more. Not sure what I posted makes sense. If you start the divisi at bar 83, then the if the score has a new system at bar 82, then the whole system will show the divisi staves. But without a visual of what’s going on, I’m just babbling.

I think your solution of hiding the staff will work.
I’ll let you know tomorrow.

The thing is: Where a divisi begins or ends, (as Craig said in his edit) the system containing that bar shows the extra staff the whole way across anyway. So there is no need to tinker with where to start/end a divisi to match system breaks. If they are still unison in m. 82, put the divisi change at m. 83 and the score will do the right thing.

If a page of your part is looking tight, consider relaxing the spacing and finding a different page turn.