Signposts at barlines

I’ve noticed a behaviour that I don’t understand: If I have an abnormal barline (like a double-bar or a forward repeat sign) and I select it and press delete, it disappears as expected. If I instead select the following bar and press shift-B and enter ‘|’ to change it to a normal barline, it disappears and a metre signpost showing ‘4/4 (q, 1+1+1+1)’ appears, which I cannot delete.
What is happening here, and is the only correct method to select and delete rather than change to normal barline?

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Under the hood, it appears as if Dorico is doing things a little differently in these 2 alternatives. This signpost usually makes it’s appearance when a change of time signature is placed. You can of course hide the signpost, but I’m curious about this as well. Anyone else care to comment??

My very vague guess (since I know nothing about what’s happening under the hood) is that changing the barline to something other than default ‘adds’ an attribute to it, which can then be deleted by selecting and deleting, and that changing it ‘back’ to default actually adds another attribute on top, rather than just removing the initial one.

Rather than adding a normal barline to remove a double barline, just delete the double barline: if a normal barline should appear there, then one will appear there without you needing to add one.

Got it. And I assume it’s the same for any other barlines and repeats. Thanks Daniel!